Special constructions

ΒΙΟΜΑΝ has the ability to make special constructions to meet the specialized needs of its customers, giving solutions to difficult problems of transport and lifting.

Roller platforms

Sheets come out of the printing machine, which gradually fill the pallet, which is placed on the Platform. When the leaf level rises, the beam of a photocell is cut and the Platform performs a step-down motion. When the Platform reaches its bottom, then the roller coaster moves it to the next Platform. The second Platform lifts and rotates the pallet, leading it to the point of receipt by the clerk. At the same time, the first Platform takes its original position to continue loading the next pallet from the printing machine, without wasting time.

Συστήματα πλατφορμών ραουλόδρομων
Ραουλόδρομος για δέματα σωλήνων

Roller track for pipe packages

The system is located behind the production machines and aims to move large packages of pipes or hollow beams to the selected point of the warehouse. A rotating arm takes the package and places it on the roller coaster. The roller track moves the package to the desired point. There, a deflection system lifts the package from the roller coaster and moves it vertically (to the storage area). Despite its intensive operation, the machine responds perfectly, being a reliable link between the production and the warehouse of the specific industrial unit.

Oven cleaning

The system undertakes to transport the workers to successive small wells (ovens), so that the latter can proceed with their cleaning. The machine performs 2 movements. The entire stretcher moves back and forth, passing over the ovens. The stretcher has a Platform, on which the employees are located. This Platform has the ability to move up and down. It is equipped with all the necessary security systems, but also with warning devices, which make it safe to use. Extremely unfavorable environmental operating conditions, as well as high safety requirements were taken into account.

Φορείο καθαρισμού φούρνων