Privacy statement

BIOMAN S.A respects the data entrusted by its customers and undertakes to protect it. BIOMAN provides this Privacy Statement to inform customers about the Privacy Policy and its implementation and about the use of this information.

When you request information from us via the website or by telephone, it is necessary to know certain data such as name, address, phone number etc. We would like to state that the collection and use of information is made in accordance with the principles relating to protection and privacy of such data. Our company does not assign any of the above information to third parties without your permission.

Especially if you request a quote from us, you are asked to indicate more data of the project (for example, its location). Our company will not sell this information to third parties or use this data against your interests in any way.

The information collected from customers remains in company records as long as prescribed in the relevant paragraphs of the Quality Management System. The contact details are kept indefinitely. Customers have the right to request deletion of their data at any time.


Evangelos Ath. Papageorgiou