Constant aim of BIOMAN S.A is to provide our customers with reliable products and services that cover their specific requirements and are compliant with all relevant legal requirements.

In order to accomplish the above main goal, we develop and implement Quality Management System to ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and provide all necessary resources for its successful operation.

To be able to be consistent with the philosophy of continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, we set annual measurable quality objectives, the achievement of which we review every six (6) months.

However, on a daily basis, we act based on the fulfillment of the requirements of each individual customer.

The Quality Policy is distributed to all employees of our company and we pay continuing effort to not only be understood at all levels, but also to remain the focal point of all thought and action.

This Quality Policy is valid for one (1) year and is reviewed in order to assess the continuing suitability and consistency with the principles of continuous improvement and generally with a customer-centric philosophy.

Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ

Our history


BIOMAN is founded by Evangelos Ath. Papageorgiou, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineer of the Technical University of Hannover and starts its construction activity (building lifts and Hydraulic freight lifts). It soon gained the trust of large industrial units.

Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ
Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ


Expansion of construction program. BIOMAN consolidates its position in the market as a quality and reliable manufacturer of industrial machinery. Construction of special machines for unsolvable transport and lifting problems.


Transfer to the new privately owned factory in Koropi, with an area of 2000 m2. Large constructions for theatrical installations. Standardization of constructions and improvement of production methods Initiation of cooperation with the company Logi- trans Denmark for exclusive distribution of its products in Greece and Cyprus (pallet trucks and forklifts)


Certification of all types of machines by accredited technical inspection bodies.

Development of a quality system according to ISO 9001.

Establishment of an independent machinery maintenance department.

Launch of a new series of automated machines, according to market needs and new legal and regulatory requirements.

Upgrading your customer service.

Entering the mechanical parking systems market.

Expand market share and work with market leaders.

Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ
Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ Ιστορική εξελιξη ΒΙΟΜΑΝ


Design of new machines.

Complete organization of service department with contracts perfectly adapted to the operating conditions of the machine and the customer's requirements.

Increase factory capacity, upgrade machine tools and reduce delivery and installation times.

Commencement of cooperation with Silverstone for the exclusive distribution of its products in Greece and Cyprus (pallet trucks, forklifts, industrial equipment).

Manufacturing a new product management line.

Entering the market of machines for people with mobility difficulties (disabled).

Organization of training seminars for technicians and sellers of lifting equipment.

Expansion of export activity by concluding trade agreements abroad.

Focus on prompt and comprehensive customer service before and after the sale.


A key element of BIOMAN's philosophy is the continuous expansion based on development and extroversion. In this context, it is strategically expanding its presence outside the Greek borders.

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