Eco-sinking system 0301 ΕΚ

Powered by pure water energy! Upgrade the hygiene and aesthetics of the surrounding area by hiding waste containers underground.

System in the upper position
System sinking waters the nearby plants
Disposal procedure
Σχεδιο Eco-sinking system διαχειρισης απορριμμάτων

  • Operates only with water energy
  • Surrounding plants watered during system sinking
  • 100% green energy
  • Galvanised

  • Upgraded city hygiene and aesthetics
  • Minimisation of unpleasant smells
  • Better protection of waste containers (against fire, vandalisms)
  • No changes in disposal procedure
  • No need to change existing waste containers

  • Public areas (streets, parks, squares etc)
  • Private areas (gardens, apartment blocks etc)
  • Professional installments (supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centers)