Hydraulic system

Dipping buckets with simple hydraulic mechanism. Improve the hygiene and appearance of the environment by temporarily storing the waste below ground level until it is collected by the cleaning service.

The bins are under the
ground, only the orifices
are visible.
No change in the
waste collection
Easy disposal of waste in the special mouth that opens with ergonomic pedal.
Hydraulic system 0301EL

  • Power - directly from pillar
  • 3 phase power (optional)
  • Remote control (optional)
  • Use of garbage truck hydraulics (optional)
  • Electric board included

  • Upgraded city hygiene and aesthetics
  • Minimisation of unpleasant smells
  • Better protection of waste containers (against fire, vandalisms)
  • No changes in disposal procedure
  • No need to change existing waste containers

  • Public areas (streets, parks, squares etc)
  • Private areas (gardens, apartment blocks etc)
  • Professional installments (supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centers)